Satisfaction Guarantee


We’re sure that you will love the training, please read our terms and conditions below before signing up. 


Satisfaction Guarantee Terms and Conditions

We’re sure that you will love the training and will take a lot of value from it.

The training content has been put together from years of working with real businesses and seeing what leads, most consistently, to better campaign performance.

Whilst we make no promises or guarantees of specific results (given the incredibly nuanced variation of websites, businesses and how frequently ad platforms change) we do want our customers to feel that they are satisfied with the value in the training.

If you meet ALL of the following criteria, you may be eligible for a refund. We will be as fair as possible with this, however, please be aware that refunds are given entirely at our discretion.

  • You completed 100% of the training content
  • You’ve implemented the principles discussed in the training correctly (we may ask to see evidence of this)
  • You are able to show data for at least 14 days from implementation of the principles suggested to demonstrate the performance hasn’t added value

We explicitly do not offer refunds for the following scenarios:

  • You didn’t read or meet the suitability criteria
  • You haven’t completed any of the training content
  • You disagree with the approach discussed or don’t understand it
  • You haven’t implemented any of the suggestions

If you have any hesitations or concerns before signing up, contact us on, to avoid any issues with the course not meeting expectations or requests for refunds.